Case Studies | Transforming A Generation

Tariq Kamel, 25 from Ladbroke Grove

Tariq worked in sales since he was 19, but decided to leave the sales industry in 2009 looking for a new challenge. He had considered going to University but as his career in sales took off, he found himself without a degree and experience in an industry he no longer wanted to work in. more

Kirsty Oysten, 20 from Hornsey

Kirsty signed up to TAG after spending several years in and out of colleges, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel and not sure of her direction. Before joining TAG Kirsty was claiming Job Seekers Allowance and not finding work that inspired or motivated her. more

Luke Richards, 20 from Ladbroke Grove

Luke is softly spoken and slender, but he is taking part in a unique programme called TAG which will see him becoming a fitness instructor and work in a gym for four months to get experience of the workplace. more

Alex Coulson, 21 from Stepney Green

Despite her young age, Alex has a strong background in the Health and Fitness industry: she has trained as a football coach and a trampolining coach. After returning home from 3 months of travelling in Australia Alex decided to pursue a career in the Fitness Industry, but found it impossible to find a job in a gym without direct experience and qualifications. more

Oumou Conde, 21 from Croydon

Oumou moved to the United Kingdom on her own in 2007 from Guinea in West Africa. She lived in Liverpool for two years before moving to London and enrolling in Merton College doing a diploma in Health and Social Care. Oumou was a high-achieving student hoping to study social work at University, but got in trouble with the police receiving a criminal record after going through some difficult times in her life.more

Samantha Kwok

Samantha speaks about her experiences:

After graduation I thought the road would naturally lead to employment, however I couldn’t have been more wrong – Sitting at home, days turned into weeks, which turned into months. Before I knew it, a year had passed and I was still unemployed. Not being able to land myself a job or even a voluntary work placement, my confidence fell. Interview after interview I’d be told that I didn’t have the confidence, the personality or the experience to work in events.