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Learning from community partners

“No qualifications: no work experience”

Understanding our constituency (those who are not in employment, education or training) is vital to TAG.

That is why we met, repeatedly, with community leaders such as Sean Bailey, Megan Pakham and Clasford Stirling. From them we gained a deeper understanding of the issues, the problems, the concerns and the fears faced by young people who are often destined for a lifetime of ‘benefits’ punctuated by a series of unfulfilling jobs.

Partners like Christine Parsloe from the London Borough of Merton helped us develop a more profound understanding of the specific challenges disabled people face.

In every case, our objective was not ‘reportage’ shrouded in sympathy and a degree of empathy, but dismantling the hurdles and constructing a solution based on pragmatism, as well as infrastructures and protocols designed to engender greater self-respect, self-fulfillment and self-actualisation in our learners.


The Fitness Industry Association is the fitness industry trade body. It represents every reputable organisation  in the health and fitness industry, from large operators such as LA Fitness to small independents. The FIA currently represent over 2,800 operators in the public and private sectors, as well as 250 supplier organisations. TAG and the FIA have worked very closely together since TAG’s founding in 2008. TAG learners are sent chiefly to FIA operators and the trade body has been instrumental in TAG’s growth into all the major players in the industry. The FIA continues to be one of our key supporting organisations.

DKH Legacy Trust

The DKH Legacy Trust was set up by Dame Kelly Holmes in 2008. The Trust inspires young people to find and fulfil their potential in sport or in life, through a workforce of elite sports performers. In these challenging times and uncertain futures, there is an even greater need to give young people belief and a vision to succeed. Through innovative projects delivered by our team of inspirational sports performers, the Trust helps young people to participate, stay in and excel in sport, and helps disadvantaged young people to find their own talents.

My Generation

My Generation was instrumental in the TAG pilot, run in 2008. My Generation was founded by Shaun Bailey and is a West London based organisation working with young people. It aims to break the cycle of poverty, crime and ill-health in struggling communities, through people-centred sustainable change.

Haringey Council

The Broadwater Community farm run by Haringey Council has been supporting TAG since our launch in January. Classford Stirling runs the community centre and has done much to ensure that young people in his community get the chance to participate in schemes like TAG.