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The Programme

Preparing talent for work

“No qualifications: no work experience”

At TAG, we know that if we break the ‘no-experience-no-job-no-experience’ cycle, the likelihood of enjoying lifelong employment is very high. But, the challenges which face entry-to-work programmes are twofold:

  • Preparation:ensuring candidates have the right attitudinal, behavioural and professional skills for employment.
  • Transition: bridging the gap between worklessness and employment forms of anti-social behaviour.


The TAG programme, developed specifically by us, is now the vanguard of a new approach to preparing prospective employees for work – irrespective of their academic achievements.

Our starting point was employers. They told us that irrespective of the qualifications held by prospective candidates (whether a degree, a technical certificate or no qualifications) the result was usually the same: the new employee was invariably not ‘fit for purpose’.

That is why the TAG programme comprises of a learning programme which encompasses:

  • Technical skills necessary to do the job.
  • ‘Soft’ skills which are vital to understand the hidden curricula of the work place, as well as advice on social and attitudinal behaviours necessary in service/people led industries.