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West Bromwich footballers support TAG.

TAG Lauch in Brighton on 17th of January 2011 with Madam Deputy Mayor Ann Norman.

On 15 September 2010, TAG celebrated the graduation of TAG learners, at the House of Commons. The event,  hosted by Kate Hoey MP, was also attended by a number of Members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Featured below are Anne Begg MP, Oliver Heald MP, Lord Bethell and Lord Reid, as well as many of our supporters in the Fitness Industry.


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“As a footballer, it’s not always about what’s going on in the pitch that matters, but how we can set an example to our fans. Being passionate is vital in our day to day life and helps us achieve our goals, specifically in being fit and healthy. Young people make natural football fans, and by engaging them through the sport we can combat obesity and encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle. I am delighted to support TAG in its efforts to get young people involved in a career that will keep them healthy and ensure the next generation are active football fans in all senses of the word.”

Dwight Yorke,

Former Player of Manchester United

and Trinidad and Tobago

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