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The Programme

Putting talent to work

“No qualifications: no work experience”

A unique six month programme developed by TAG which addresses the needs of both employers and potential employees.

The content of the TAG programme has the added advantage of helping participants understand and make decisions about their own lifestyle choices.

The six month programme combines academic work with gym-based learning and a work placement. Designed to help candidates learn more about working life, as well as valuable life skills, the programme comprises modules such as:

  • An introduction to the sports and leisure industry
  • Learning modules on physiology, exercise and fitness
  • A focus on workplace behavior and ‘the hidden curricula’
  • Understanding what good interpersonal skills comprises
  • The power of ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ (NLP)
  • A work placement in a contemporary gym
  • A dedicated mentor for each student
  • A Personal Development Plan (PDP) which is monitored and supported by TAG

Our extensive relationships with employers within the fitness industry, combined with a reputation for producing graduates who combine innate talent with employer-centric skills sets, increases the likelihood of TAG graduates securing a job in the health and fitness sector.